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About Us

Brandy Miramontes


No Stranger to the firearms world, Brandy has been involved in industry for the past 10 years. Her meticulous attention to detail has allowed Brandy to excel in areas of the industry often plagued with clerical errors that would ultimately result in customers having to wait longer for their hard earned items. As a result she has become an expert in processing NFA items as well as a reliable FFL dealer. She has built a strong reputation for her commitment to her work and large loyal customer base for being reliable and punctual when helping customers and her enthusiasm for the industry. 

Brandy also posses a vast knowledge of modern firearms and the skill to utilize them effectively. Don't let her humbleness fool you, but she is a fantastic shooter who can quickly adapt and master unfamiliar weapon systems. 

Whatever you do... do not call her a Gun Bunny.


Matthew Miramontes

Assistant to the Owner

Matt has been playing with firearms since he was liberated from the communist country of California 13 years ago. What started as a hobby has become a passion. Matt continuously strives to further his skill in weapons manipulation and education. Matt is known for sharing is passion for the industry with those around him and is often seen passing his knowledge to those new or unfamiliar to the firearms world. Having spent the last 10 years working in the industry, he has also gained a loyal customer base and trusting reputation among those he has served. Matt is often a humble individual who would never claim to be a superior shooter to even the greenest of gun owners. Just don't challenge him to a competition, cause if he wins... ever heard of a sore winner?

Matt is currently an active Firefighter and Paramedic with the city of Dallas. 

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