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FFL (Title I) Transfers


Buy your firearm or receiver anywhere online and send it to us to receive as your FFL dealer. Simply email us your receipt and we will contact the seller to receive your item. Once arrived, you come by our shop (appointment only at this time) and complete your 4473 to complete the transfer. 

Email Receipt to:

Finger Prints & 

Passport Photos


We have the means to provide a complete set of fingerprints and passport photos to complete your Form1 or Form 4 applications. If you just need a set for any other reason, we can provide that too. 

*if you use us as your SOT dealer to receive and transfer your NFA item or to Form 1 (manufacture) an NFA item, finger prints and photos are included in those services at no additional cost. 

Form 1 (SBR conversion, etc.)

$100(+$25 per trustee if filing as a trust)

If you want to convert your firearm into a Short Barreled Rifle, Short Barreled Shotgun, Destructive Device or manufacture your own Suppressor we can help. We will assist you in all the NFA Form 1 paper work to make sure that it is processed quickly and correctly. Fingerprints and passport-style photos included in price. 

What we will need:

- Digital or hard copy of Trust (if filing under a trust)

- The firearm you intend to manufacture. 

*If you intend to file under a trust, all members listed as trustees must also provide finger prints and photos per NFA rules. 


Private party sale background check:

If you are personally selling a firearm to another individual and would like to have a NICS background check performed for the buying party, we can provide that service. Both parties must bring a valid and current Texas ID, DL, or LTC with correct information.  


NFA Transfers 


Found a suppressor or short barreled rifle that you've been putting off forever from your favorite online gun store?  Buy it and send it to us to transfer! We can receive and process all paperwork for your NFA item while the ATF conducts it background check. Typical lead times range from 6 to 13 months due to the volume of NFA items being processed. The sooner you purchase and transfer your item to us, the sooner you can begin counting down the days. 

Once you've purchased your item online, email us a copy of your receipt so we can contact the selling dealer and have the item sent to us. Once we have received your order, we will contact you to come in to complete finger prints and photos and sign all documents required to submit to the ATF. (This is a one time visit for finger prints and photos that will thereafter be stored on an FBI encrypted computer system on premise.) You will also need to bring a copy (digital or hardcopy) of your trust if filing under a trust. Once we have all these items, we will take it from there and you can begin the countdown to receiving your tax stamp. 

Trust Setup

via James Willi, Attorney

We can set up your trust on site or via ZOOM conference call to get the ball rolling. We have partnered with Attorney Jim Willi in giving customers access to a properly written trust that will ensure your items are protected and that the ATF won't find any holes in. 

- Drafted by an Experienced Gun Trust Attorney

- Designed to hold both NFA and Non-NFA Firearms. 

- State specific provisions for your state

- Appoint or remove trustees at anytime. 

- No Schedules or lists disclosing your inventory to 3rd parties. 

- Delivered to your email instantly. 

Laser Engraving

Starting at $40

We now offer engraving services to complete your new NFA item to bring them to ATF compliance. In addition we can also do smaller custom designs or AR receiver engraving to bring your custom AR idea to life. Cost will vary depend on complexity. Standard NFA engravings are set at $30. 

*All prices subject to change

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